Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Held Hostage...

I was recently held hostage for a while. It was terrible. It involved my new sports bra! I just had to relax and keep breathing. Want to hear about it?

Well. I bought myself some new gym gear because, well, I've been such a good girl that I felt I deserved it really. Nice stuff it is too from a trendy brand so I got a sports bra crop top padded sort of number among other things. That was my mistake you see because I had trouble with it in the store. I was sort of betwixt, somewhere between on and off but I managed to get it off without calling for help.


I forgot the power of sweat didn't I?


There I was. Hot and sweaty, in my new sports bra crop top number, after a solid work out in the heat. If this sounds faintly erotic, it wasn't. Add that I was in a bit of a rush as I not only have to do the 'get ready' thing with washed hair, make up etc but also have 40 minutes to rouse Master T from bed to the car to be ready for school.

So. As I tried to whip off my new bra crop top thingy which is nice and sweaty, I got stuck half way in and half way off. Breasts squished into halves if not triplets. Not a really attractive picture. And, I hasten to add, not one I could ask my 11 year old to come to my aid with as it was not a sight I wished to imprint on his pre-teen mind and risk watching him shudder with the memory of it all.

I have a bit of a gamy shoulder so after lots of huffing and puffing, groaning and jumping around, I managed somehow to wiggle it over my hips (!) not really sure how that happened.

Now I am a bit scared to try to wear it again unless I line up a rescue team to be handy.

Or maybe, getting the sports bra on and off IS the exercise. Maybe that is the angle they are going for...

Wish me luck next time I have a go. Maybe this could become an official sport. Hey, maybe I could try out for the 2018 Commonwealth Games!

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. I bet the fly on the wall fell off laughing!

  2. Oh I've definitely been there!! LOL

  3. You make me laugh. It has happened to me and the more you try to hurry to get it off the worse it all becomes. Have a lovely day. Mimi xx


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