Friday, 11 November 2011

just Shocking Really...

Now a sort of 'disco' number...

Okay okay, you would think I could safely action another 'boy job' after all I have tackled since the Silver Fox has been slaving his guts out a mere 17 hours drive from us. I have emptied the pool thus saving the house from flooding. (Well, I was ankle deep in water which was lapping at the back door- don't tell him that bit). I have diagnosed a sickly car, found a mechanic and hey presto fixed! I saved us from "The Great Flood". I have taken out the garbage each week. On time and remembering the correct bin.... loads of stuff, important stuff... boy stuff.

So. I needed to change a light bulb. In the kitchen. Over the island. (Just setting the scene)

"Ha" I said, to no one in particular. I had made the Silver Fox buy a few last time he went to Bunnings so I had some spares in stock. He has this infuriating habit of going out especially to get a light bulb and only coming home with one, the replacement. So this time I m-a-d-e him lash out and buy 3.

I digress

I found said stock which was put in a safe place but I was fortunate enough to remember their exact location without too much trouble (on top of the fridge).

Unscrewed the old bulb. Screwed in the new bulb...

When.... snap, crackle, pop!! Bang!!! Sparks everywhere. Fuse blown. Plunged into darkness!!

I confidently made my way to the fuse box (we are intimate), flicked the fuse, lights on...

Made my way back to the kitchen where 2 (!) bulbs were blown and the other 2 were flicking in a sort of disco/fluro type of arrangement. Hmmm, never seen that before. Bit scared to change the other two lights really at this stage...

Spoke to the Silver Fox the next day after I realised that a little 'rest' overnight had made little difference to the situation.


"Did you turn the power off before you changed the bulb?"

"No, not really" I said. "Didn't think it would make a difference" I said.


"Apparently it does" he said. "You could have been killed" he said

"Oh?" I said. "I thought that was what that circuit breaker was for" I said

"Lucky" he said

 Ciao for now...



  1. Ooops! Lucky indeed! Gosh, I really am so impressed with all that you have had to cope with since Silver Fox has been away. It's amazing what we can do when we have to, isn't it?!

  2. I am so happy you are here to tell the story. We all make mistakes and you have been doing so well. I remember my hubbie changing a light bulb and blowing himself off a ladder (that was pretty scary). Have a lovely weekend. Mimi xx


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