Sunday, 22 January 2012

Family Time...

Just chillin' out

 Last day of the Silver Fox' holiday so we celebrated by the two of us taking Ginger for a 11/2 hour walk along the beach. We talked about goals for 2012, hopes, dreams and the good old 'what would you do if you won 2 million dollars' sort of conversation. It was nice 'us' time with the kids sleeping still. We have had such a lovely time whilst he has been home connecting again. We have sorely neglected our family and friends but they understand we need to be together after 9 months away with minimal quality contact. We did talk on the phone every night but it is definitely not the same. One of the things I have really noticed is that I get driven places now, I don't need to do all the driving. Very nice.

Today we had a 16 km bike ride to our local town (there and back with minimal hills. Sounds more impressive than it really is) with Ginger in the basket. The start was delayed due to my flat tyre, my 12TH flat tyre and the Silver Fox in his "McGuyver" mode was even unable to fix it - (something about vulcanized rubber being the best but no longer on the market) Thankfully my gorgeous neighbour came to the rescue and lent me her bike (as the thought of riding one of the SF's BMX bikes with its low skinny seat had me envisaging a trip to the local hospital to get the seat surgically removed after the event). There was even a nice big basket so in went Ginger and she was chauffeur driven the whole way there and back.

We met my parents for an ice-cream, fixed up a breakfast date for me for during the week and caught up with friends. Unfortunately it p-o-u-r-e-d the last 5 minutes of the journey and we were soaked to the skin. Never mind. I did get a very reproachful look from Ginger as she sat in the basket wet through. We have nearly all had our showers now and might just be able to squeeze in a movie before bed.

I have the week off so will need to focus on establishing some sort of return to usual bedtimes, no doubt meeting some resistance. Holidays are so relaxed compared to the usual weekly routine. We have a few things on our agenda but not too much.

Cheers to a sleep in for me or should I make the Silver Fox's breakfast?

Naaah, don't want to spoil him

 Ciao for now...

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