Friday, 20 January 2012

Simple Style...


I have a week's holiday next week and I have left work all up to date with notes here and there for my colleague. There is also a public holiday in there to ease the Silver Fox back into his first week of work so I will rustle up some sort of bbq / picnic / beach adventure. Maybe with friends too. We have been insular enough - time to mingle!!

I l-o-v-e white like in the picture above. Why? Because I have had a lollypop house in the 80s: a nice Queenslander with every room a different colour, sometimes there were 2 colours in one room above and below the trophy rails. Then in the 90s I had the Mediterranean palette with shades of yellow and pale terracotta. Nice at the time but I have one word for you people: DATE. Yep, they both dated pretty darn quick. For me a white base means colour in the furnishings. And because I am older and wiser and know that it is much easier to change the furnishings than to repaint the whole house.
The "Great Room" with white walls, white architraves and colours in the furnishings...

In my last house I had these pale tiles that had a cute little fossil motif set in random tiles. Cute yes, retained the dirt? Most definitely. They a-l-w-a-y-s looked filthy and my dream was to tile over them but the Silver Fox gave my some poor excuse about tile heights, doorways, clearances..... This house has timber floors done with a semi gloss finish although it was a compromise between me wanting satin and the Silver Fox wanting full gloss. (I still think satin would have been better)

Stairs with Queensland birch (or is it Australian birch?)
 What is your style philosophy? What do you l-o-v-e?

Ciao for now...

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  1. Oh Martha! Your steps are just beckoning for some more colour, I think. Have a peek at my pretty pins here ( to see what I mean ☺. J x


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