Thursday, 19 January 2012

just Contact...

Ahh, the simplicity
I l-o-v-e covering books with contact. Yes contact!! I even offer to cover the school library books... in my  spare time!! I know, how insane is that.

I've just come back from school-supply-shopping. There were lots of sullen faces when buying school shoes let me tell you!! I needed to remind Miss T that school sandshoes are not a fashion accessory! They are just sandshoes and that to see her morose face was going to need to change. She did offer to buy her own Nikes. An offer which was readily accepted however no more was said after she saw the price of them. Funny about that!

This is the first year that we have had to buy our own school books for Miss T as usually we purchase a pack from the school. Not this year though. No packs on offer. It has made me realize how spoilt we have been to date. Do you think that they throw in a red herring just to send parents crazy? I think so. I couldn't begin to find the Aquarella colour pencils even after four shops. Hmmm, warped sense of humour? Like at the gym there is an exercise where you have to balance on your feet and  hands and touch the opposite foot to your hand underneath your body and then behind your back. It takes l-o-a-d-s of concentration, tongue held just right. I am sure the instructors put it in for entertainment value!!

I take special effort to cover my work diary very carefully with trendy paper and contact. Yes indeed, I have mastered the art of contacting books. I get the kids to cut out pictures, glue them to the book and then I cover the books with contact. Look, I let them have a go but let's face it, contact is tricky stuff indeed. No doubt there are many stories to tell.....
Those mitered corners
The sleek-ish-ness of it all

Ciao for now...



  1. I don't mind covering books either, funny isn't it? I have never thought to cover my work diary though, I was slack and just found prettier diaries to buy. xx

  2. Oh Martha, you make me giggle. I remember the sight of my perfectionist father wrestling with contacting my school Bible in 1980 and his horror at the resultant bubbles and creases ☺. After working as a Library monitor, however, I soon mastered this school and became the 'coverer' of all school stationery for me and my my two siblings! J x


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