Friday, 27 January 2012

just Inspiration...




Never mind. It is lovely to be dry and cosy on such a wet day. This is the end of Master T's holidays and plans need to be changed to indoor excitement that involves movies, popcorn and maybe some cooking of biscuits or even dinner. Not that he is concerned.  He is keen to go back to school mind you. This will be his last in Primary. Already! Time flies doesn't it? Miss T still has a few more days.

I am in  need of some inspiration.

To get things done. To achieve. To move forward.

Holidays have that affect on me. To slow the pace of my life. I like it. For a while, but am looking forward to routine, time limits and goals. To being busy. To cram things in..

A busy person gets more done I think.

 Ciao for now...


  1. We are picking up Mr A's high school books today...the dig day looms closer!

  2. The wet weather is making me feel stifled. It is so hot and humid and blah. x


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