Sunday, 29 January 2012

just a Bear Attack..


The Silver Fox and I are close. Very close. So I let him into the secret circle. The circle of trust. Of honour. I trusted him with my little secret...

I let him dye my hair.

I know, I know... I was putting a lot of trust in someone not familiar with "the business". He has never dyed HIS hair hence the "Silver Fox"nickname. It is not because he is old or sneaky. He is silvery-gray. Very distinguished it is too - on a male.

Not as alluring on a female me thinks.

So, armed with Garnier's promise of "covering gray", I wrapped on old towel around my shoulders and declined his kind offer to remove other pieces of my upper body clothing. I told him my usual hairdresser didn't make those requests.

He also seemed genuinely shocked at the amount of hair that needed covering.

He was also quite alarmed at the colour the dye was turning as he applied it. The box said "Crimson Promise". He thought it was more like "Bear Attack Red". Hmmm, catchy name don't you think? Master T came in exclaiming that he could smell Redskin lollies and that I had better share them if I have any. This was indeed very different to my usual hairdressing experience. Maybe that is another name that could be considered too. Must be hereditary this naming business.

The Silver Fox insisted on massaging in the colour in such vigorous circular motions that I am not confident a comb will be able to untangle those lovingly-made knots without removing most of my hair hence making the need to dye it in the first place quite obsolete.

I am currently at the 25 minute mark prior to "blending the colour through to the tips". His look of disbelief that this will all work out okay without looking like something from the circus is a refreshing change to my usual hairdressing experience.

I'm not usually nervous getting this done however his novice approach has me hoping that I will come out of this dark brown with a hint of chestnut as opposed to "Bear Attack Red" or "Redskin Red".

You never know, these versions could become trendy don't you think?

Wish me luck but if you see someone walking down the street looking like they escaped from the circus, say "hi" to me won't you?

 Ciao for now...



  1. LOL! Love it!

    Hope it looks fab ;)

  2. Hahaha! How did you go? Husband offered to help me during my recent home dye job experience, but I did it sneakily while he was out!!!


  3. Good luck...I hope it turned out are very trusting indeed...great post X

  4. Funny post! Do hope it all turns out okay. Well done to Silver Fox!!


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