Monday, 13 February 2012

Weekend Delight...

Balancing just right...
Someone buried the dog as she slept!

Lovely weekend full of family, birthdays and the beach. Miss T and I had an 8km walk with Miss Ginger along the beach. It is probably the first time that Miss T hasn't whinged the whole time. She must be growing up!! The boys went to the skate park for hours and came back hot, tired and happy.

My gorgeous Dad turned 75 and we are all clubbing together to buy him a new laptop with wireless connection so he can get 'on line' from anywhere. My Mum has dementia and as his current computer is in the garage, he doesn't get much 'alone' time to surf the net. Hopefully this will change with the laptop and he can top up his own emotional petrol tank more frequently. Life is a bit tough caring for someone with dementia. My Mum is a little fiesty to say the least and even simple tasks can require lots of negotiation! When he buys all his bits we will send Miss T over to 'set him up'. Teenagers are good like that.

It was also my gorgeous Sister's birthday and I have posted her down a little something to add to her gift. We have changed the way we give pressies to the adults. For birthdays we give a set amount of money so the person can buy something they really want. We give the same amount to each adult and then at Christmas time we only give to the children. I l-o-v-e it because it works so well. Last year I got a DKNY watch for my birthday and the Silver Fox put his money towards an iphone. LJ (Sister) and I are counting down the days to our weekend away. Can't wait to have some quality time with her.

Sad about Whitney isn't it? It is a real pity people are not aware of their worth or their value.

My computer speed has once again returned. Maybe it is time to change my plan to accommodate my internet-hungry family rather than be throttled 2 weeks prior to paying the bill.

 Ciao for now...


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