Saturday, 11 February 2012


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The Silver Fox and I were cleaning the bedroom, sorting drawers... moving the bed, as you do, when we came across a special memory box I have in my cupboard.

We peeked inside.

There were magazines from when Master T was born, an old softball glove of mine from when I was in primary school, complete with a worn patch on the outside where I used to put my pointer finger outside the glove. Not sure why but from memory we all did it.

There were confirmation gifts for the kiddies, in safe keeping, including a dive watch for Master T from my brother which still keeps perfect time and is big enough to fit the Silver Fox so it might need to be in safe keeping for a few more years yet.

There was even a gorgeous gold cross that was the Silver Fox's when he was confirmed. Very old that!

Hmmm, what else? Finger puppets from Ikea meant for a present for someone, my old school tie complete with badges, numerous commemorative coins: Commonwealth Games from 1988, Charles and Di getting married and a 1/2 oz gold coin. There was a Bunnykins china set, kept so safe that I don't think anyone actually used it. Bit sad really as that double handled mug would have been very much loved I'm sure. There was even a couple of broaches of my grandmothers made from fly fishing lures. Well, never worn as yet but maybe one day...


There was also an airline ticket. Kept safe. So safe that the ink had completely faded away even though I kept it in paper.  I am unsure whose it was and as a reminder for which grand occasion? Was it Miss T's first flight or when we sent her to visit her Aunty, by herself, when she was 5 (5!!! - the things we did to her)

Sad really

I wonder what else in my other little bundles of memories has faded away?

 Ciao for now...


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  1. Lovely finding those old things isn't ? Must of been a massive big box by the sounds of it!!!


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