Saturday, 7 April 2012

just Running...


Something happened recently. For the first time in... like..... ummm... 24 years. The Silver Fox came training with me. Actually he was giving me some pointers on running. From an observer's point of view. We went running yesterday with the puppy (to tire her out. Kids. Dog. Same same) and he said he could hear me "panting like a dog". Doesn't mince words my Silver Fox. I had my ipod going, ironically to distract me from hearing my breathing. As usual.

So today we set of for a nice 3km jog, shoulders back, deep breath in holding it in for a bit, knees higher... I need more practice but today I didn't have a stitch in my side like I usually do. It is different now. When I run I don't focus on surviving anymore. I can and do survive. Which is nice. Now I need to focus on technique. To improve, to get faster, to achieve. On the way back one of us rode the bike for 1 minute while the other sprinted. Then we stopped frequently and did push ups, sit ups, squats, step ups etc.... It was a bit sureal to be with him. Exercising. Coaching. It is not usually something we do. He does his stuff, I do mine. It has been so heavenly to be such a couple.

I have my 2 1/2km run coming up in three weeks and my goal is to do it under 12 minutes. My friend (a fireman) aims for under 9 minutes but hey, got to start somewhere. Yet another '12 Week Challenge' ending. Then we go on a cruise for 11 days. I hope those endorphins stay around

To be outside at 7am today, soaking up the sun, nodding hello to passersby.

Glorious! It is great to be alive.....

 Ciao for now...


  1. Hooray for you and your running buddy [SF needs to be a bit more encouraging though methinks] soaking in the glorious weather and those swimming endorphins.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Even in the military you get timed on age - my husband recently turned 40 & he's got something like 11 minutes & 40 seconds to do 2.5km, with his long legs he could walk it, such is how i suffer when we walk the dog together, i have to literally jog to keep up, good fitness all round. When he comes home from Afghanistan, he's taking 9 weeks off or something ridiculously wonderful but also, he'll be my personal trainer, ouch, he's got nothing on the Commando, he has to love me too. His kind enough to keep saying 'but look at all the beautiful children that came out of that body' which is possibly the best thing my body has ever done!!
    Happy Easter, love Posie


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