Wednesday, 4 April 2012

just Steamy...


 We have been running out of hot water for a while now. Luke warm, quick showers

You make do really. Especially with a builder in the house. A squirt of WD40 here, a bit of a whack there...

Now, it is fixed!!! We got a refrigerator mechanic to do it. Good as new!

Yay!! Made me realise how bad it in fact was. I was even boiling the kettle to make hot water for the dishes!

Now, I can once again enjoy. There is even steam rising. Sheer bliss

Do you put up with anything around the home? Make do? Think about it and let me know

 Ciao for now...



  1. Ha, sounds all too familiar. We put up with a similar thing for five years. We had a number of people out to look and no one knew what was wrong. After being very savy with hot water use, between showers, washing and dishes, someone sugested a faulty temperature valve....$30 later all fixed.Can't believe we suffered for soooo long!!! The things we do????

  2. Nothing like a hot shower! I almost died when our hot water system died a while back :)

  3. We have a solar water system with no booster, so monsoonal weather spells cold showers. On the whole not so bad in the tropics, but some days do cool down and I crave a hot shower. Not to mention no dishwaher... we have to boil the kettle to do our dishes. I relate.


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