Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Predicatable But Strangly Not...

Hmmm, this after just one day?

Master T is now in his last year of primary school and as a sign of seniority, he is a proud owner of a white sports shirt with the name of his peers beautifully printed on the back. Such a wonderful keepsake.


You can see my problem can't you?

It is a WHITE shirt

So long story short, I need to wash said shirt twice per week as no self respecting individual could be seen twice in said shirt after its first wear.

Luckily I have my EXIT stick which seems to do magic and remove the most evil of stains

But, although I cheerfully predicted that a white shirt on ANY 12 year old boy was asking for trouble, I have been somewhat surprised at the level of information I gain from washing said shirt. I feel I am privy to a snapshot of my boy's day that he may not think is important enough to tell me. Some insight into his activities..

For example:
  • His strange request for capsicum in his lunch as a snack was in fact consumed with gusto, evident by the drips of red juice on his shirt. This means he is stretching his palate. Good for him.
  • His effort in the cross country showed by the mud splashes up his back, the reminders of previous rain puddles
  • Play at lunchtime was something like touch football, evident by the dirty grass 'slides' on the front of his shirt. This must mean he is playing with others, has friends and put in a huge effort
  • Egg on his shirt today meant that his science experiment of dropping an egg 4 meters without breaking, did infact fail. Pity, he worked so hard on his prototype which involved beanbag beans, bubble wrap, a coke can and cotton wool. We had such high hopes for that.
  • He also enjoyed his nachos that he got at tuckshop although it didn't seem to have much chilli sauce but plenty of cheese
Egg, dirt.... we have it all

I have been surprised at the information I have gleaned about Master T's day. I didn't really think I was that observant. Good to know I am and that I am rising to the challenge of trying to keep the shirt white for the school trip to Canberra and Sydney in August.

How observant are you in everyday life? I think I watch too much CSI/ Crime Channel

What do you think?

Ciao for now...



  1. I think you'd make an excellent forensic investigator.

    What is an EXIT stick? Sounds like magic.


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