Thursday, 26 April 2012

Right Neighbourly of You...


Where I live we have lovely neighbours. Not 'in your pocket' neighbours but we catch up for bbqs and if an alarm goes off, we all come to check it out. Recently one neighbour left her garage door half way down and with no cars in the garage, phone calls were made to check if it needed closing. That sort of thing. If Master T has forgotten his key, usually someone takes him in until I get home.

The neighbours on one side of me live in America and come for 6 months of the year. They are a couple with 2 boys and conversations along the street revolve around when they are coming back and then when they are going. Not because we wish them gone but so we can organise catch ups and then a good bye gathering with the neighbourhood. This year we had a progressive dinner and with 10 children between 4 couples, and with ages between 1 and 16, we fairly share the mess too.

We all live in fear though that each other can hear the goings on in the next door household. One neighbour has 4 boys and thinks we can hear her yelling. We can't. I can't even hear the neighbour's on the other side of me except when I am outside.

My gorgeous American neighbours have left this week for good as their eldest is school age and needs to be back to start and the school holidays coincide with their busy time in their restaurant so it will be too difficult to live like they have for the last 4 years with Northern Winters spent in Australia. Sad really as they are a fantastic little family. But, it has been wonderful knowing them and seeing their beautiful boys grow.

The street is quite sad though as they have been a big part of our lives and afternoons in Summer were spent under a tree while the kids skate board or bike ride up and down the road with some of the adults. The place feels quite empty at the moment, probably compounded by the knowledge that they won't be back.

We are all a little flat... 

 Ciao for now...


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  1. We have a lovely bunch of neighbors as well Martha & have several bbq's or driveway parties every year & plenty of kids to add to the mix. It does make life rather enjoyable!!!


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