Friday, 27 April 2012

A Spoon Full of Sugar...


There was always trouble in my house growing up. Big trouble. When someone was ill and there was a tablet to be taken. There was lots of yelling and shouting, occasionally vomiting. Drama. Anxiety. Stress. You get the picture.


As kids we were never very good at taking tablets. Especially my sister. She was the worst. Still is. Still traumatized by shouts of "swallow it", "swallow it". Of course she never could. Who could with all that chaos going on? Even now you will find a little hole in a piece of bread where she has snuck a little bit to help a tablet go down. Or you will find half a biscuit... same reason.

When my kids were small I vowed and declared tablet taking would not be an issue. Ever. I baffled them with logic. Showed them a tablet and compared it to food they normally ate highlighting the size difference and that a tablet was t-i-n-y compared to them scoffing down a piece of, say, chocolate. I got them to put the table to the back of their throat and, with a mouthful of water, hold their chin up in the air and swallow. Worked a treat. No issues, no yelling, no worries. Even now they swallow down alarmingly large fish oil tablets without any trouble.

In this world there are battles to be fought and taking pills really doesn't rank too highly on the list of war fare. I'm not sure why my Mother squared her shoulders to do battle. Surely a different approach, maybe like Mary Poppins...

What were you traumatized about as a kid?

I was notorious for making the car stop here and there so I could do a wee. When we would travel far, instead of looking for important landmarks, comments were made about how I passed urine "there, there and even there". Myers carpark in Brisbane was always on the list. Good to know. I used to have panic attacks in the back of the car when my Dad wouldn't stop with a "you can't possibly want to go a-g-a-i-n!" I don't think I had a cheap bladder. When I think back my Dad would n-e-v-e-r stop and I think the worry used to stress me out. The Myers carpark happened after a 4 hour car trip after they let me have a milkshake before I left. Hello people. Asking for trouble!

Aah, memories. Got to love them

Ciao for now... 

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  1. He he, i got the mumps 2 weeks before a trip to Disneyland, which of course meant my big sister (about 10) got them ON THE PLANE TO AMERICA. So, we landed, she was a drama queen anyway, got the hospital doctor, paid a billion dollars, she had to swallow bright pink horse tablets, OMG, so NOT going to happen. She was traumatised, still is, i grew up to be a pharmacologist!!
    Um, lots of things i do differently to the way my parents did, mainly as we are MUCH younger parents than my own, we just have different energy & wave lengths. Otherwise my childhood was pretty incredible, must have been to Disneyland/ America a dozen times by the time i left school, not half bad, fabulous brothers, painful big sister, pretty typical childhood, love Posie
    PS now my children are older, they take tablets for headaches, yay!!


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