Saturday, 19 May 2012

It's All in the Contract...


The Teenie/Tweenie's of this family have been a bit beastly this week. Not sure if it was the cruise where they were waited on hand and foot, or if indeed it directly correlated to the cycle of the moon.


With repercussions

Ipods gone and internet access severely restricted, except for school work

Family meeting some time this weekend with formal introduction of chores including dishes, cleaning bedrooms, plus their usual chores...


What caused this meltdown?

People managing to play ipods, go on Facebook, Twitter and, Tumblr... but unable to remember keys, shoes, to catch buses (!) or get notes signed. Forgetting to do their chores AND giving lip.

So, Ipods confiscated, passwords changed.. I have a contract with Miss T that allows me to do exactly that. It was in the fine print. But it is also in the "Mummy fineprint' too

For one week

Do I hope that their organisational skills improve?

I do. But I hope they do to

Wish us luck... 

 Ciao for now...



  1. Good Luck!!! i like the changing password clause, I think I might use that as well. We have kept the wifi password a secret & i get to delete or reinstall when required!!
    have a great weekend

  2. Oh isn't this a drama that you just don't want to have and through in teenie tweenie hormones and ugh!!! MR G and I are having these issues too and homework is also playing a direct role in it too. I am beginning to think that my increasing work hours from .6 -.8 has caused a big chunk of trouble where is the manual that shows you how to disable the tantrum function on these little buggers! I want to know!!!!


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