Monday, 21 May 2012

Manners Please...

I like manners.

I like nice table manners.

I believe my everlasting gift to my children is to teach them manners.

What do you think?

I love nice table manners. I am always insistent that the kiddies behave and not take the easy way out just because they think no one is watching, or it is easier.

I believe in taking the time to teach them. Oh, it does get  monotonous for  me as well as them. I advise them to give in as I am very consistent. Just do it. It was my motto before it was Nike's.


When you see an adult using their cutlery like they are going to stab someone, what do you think? I think it looks terrible. I think it sends so many messages.

I judge them

I think no one took the time to teach them. I think no one loved them enough

Probably wrong I know, but that is what I think.

 Ciao for now...


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