Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sleeves Up...

I am sighing. Alot

Role conflict


I am doing 2 full time positions at work at the moment as 1 person has left and they probably won't replace her for quite a while. You know how it is. I have my fingers crossed someone will appear before Christmas

I hate doing two jobs badly rather than 1 job well. My hours have increased too, with the 'load'. She has BIG shoes to fill.


Plus the Tweenie/Teenie duo are playing a tag team in being ill. Miss T had 5 days of temperatures, cough, and an upset tummy. Now it is Master T's turn. Poor darlings

Role conflict

I think my darlings have given it to me

So sweet to share


I need to organise a MONSTER sausage sizzle on the weekend with, about... 50kg sausages and litres of sauce, 20kg onions and 50 loaves of bread. And find 'helpers' to, well... help.

I need to push up my sleeves and just get on with it.

Maybe after a good night's sleep....

Ciao for now...



  1. Oh dear.

    I can empathise right now, I'm feeling very much the same!

    Different situations but same feeling! Hope it improves soon..ish ;)

  2. Oh sending you out lots of love and empathy....I actually resigned this week for similar reasons : role conflict and frankly my workplace has become dangerous with a new manager who so "nice" it appears dopey but has NO mental health experience or concept of risk! Ugh, cos that's what you want in a mental health outreach service complete with young graduates!
    Additionally, going from 3 -4 days has had an outstanding impact of my family. Something had to give.

    It is very calming and strengthening to act on your values and ethics...My stress levels have plummeted! Hang in there, the right solution will come to you very soon. xxx

  3. Hi
    Sleeves Up...
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  4. Hoping things get better soon. Hang in there!


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