Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy Anniversary...

Flowers for moi!
They lasted about 1 1/2 weeks!

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In May it was my 22nd wedding anniversary. I met the Silver Fox at a nightclub y-e-a-r-s ago. At the iconic Underground to be exact. My brother knew his brother and, well, that was it really.

I can't believe how quickly the years have gone. We have had wonderful times with a smattering of okay times mingled in but can say that we are better than ever - even after the 9 months of mostly being apart last year.

I am so very proud of the Silver Fox. He has continued to grow as a person, develop new skills and take chances. We have had many a career with the Silver Fox and I admire his bravery at starting something new and making it a success. He works very hard but gives 100%: to his family, his work and his friends.

He is different since he came back from Townsville. He is a lot calmer and about 500% family focused. He is more "present" than he has ever been. I guess being home, surrounded by his family is something he is more focused on, having been on the other side. I am independent but even though I could survive with him away, I couldn't live.

I love him more each day. We are not a cutesy couple. These are the first flowers I have received for many years. But we are a couple, confident in our togetherness. I can look over at him in a crowded room and give a little smile. He smiles too and we are connected. It has always been like that.

I love that he is connected to our son and they do BMXing together. I love that they have a hobby for themselves and can talk for hours about wheels and handlebars and gyros. I have no interest except to love their passion and wave them off on their adventures. He is connected to Miss T too. They joke and laugh and tease.

The Silver Fox is l-o-u-d and doesn't have a volume button. I've looked but it doesn't matter. He wouldn't be the same if he was quiet. Can't imagine it really. goodness knows what the neighbour's hear when he is being Mrs Doubtfire for the day. Or Elvis. Uh, huh huh...

I feel proud telling people I have been married for so long. Especially these days. People get surprised when I tell them but when I say it aloud, I get amazed too. It is a long time.

I wonder what we will do for our 25th? Jeepers! That is not too far away. I think a trip to Italy for the 2 of us would be nice.

So happy anniversary to us and cheers to making a great decision all those years ago...

 Ciao for now...



  1. Happy anniversary to the two of you! What a fantastic achievement!!! M xx

  2. Happy Anniversary Martha, to you and the Silver Fox. As you say, these days, 22 years is certainly something to be proud of. The flowers are beautiful and I'm sure you appreciated them even more, as you don't get them very often. I love it, too, that he is now more "present" than he has ever been. Perhaps the time spent away was good for the both of you.

    1. I believe it was. Have a lovely day and I hope your health is better

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary!!


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