Saturday, 23 June 2012



 I l-o-v-e the weekend. I love a bit of a sleep in. I even love doing the washing, tidying etc.

I had my meeting at work. I was a star. Baffled them with logic. It's not over yet as some people like to go down fighting. But. Hey. There would be no challenge if they did. So it continues but if this was a rope contest, the middle would be closer to my side. My adversary is trying to be personal. Not me. I am sticking to the rules and so far smell like a flower. The saga continues....

I am at week 4 of my 6 Week Blitz. I know, I am addicted. After the session today a few of us meet for breakfast. I look forward to that a-l-l week. Bacon, poached eggs and wholemeal toast. Yum!! I ran 2.4km in 12.55mins. Good time for me.

The Silver Fox has a new project at work. Some.......... 2 minutes from home. For the next year at least. Yay! How darn exciting!! Life has been very good to us. I think it is a reward for going away last year and not whinging. Thank you very much I say.

Now it is nearly 2 years since I began blogging. Gosh that time went quickly. What shall we do to celebrate? Maybe a giveaway? What do you think?

What are you doing this weekend?

 Ciao for now...



  1. Oh Martha. I am so pleased to hear the meeting went so well - go you! And that news about the Silver Fox is just fabulous. Yes, you really do deserve that change in fortune. Smiling in Hobart J x

  2. Good for you, Martha ... not letting it get personal. It allows you to think so much more clearly and smell like a rose, indeed.

  3. Life sounds pretty good! Yes, I think you should do a giveaway. I'll give you something from my shop if you like, just because you're great! Rachael xx


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