Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Darn Doggy Bag...

My Mum has dementia. She lives in the twilight with a perplexed look on her face, like she has forgotten something but is not quite sure what. (Maybe it starts when you walk in a room and forget what you are looking for. I do that. Oh oh)

She is not transitioning easily into this world. No no no. She is feisty.

Darn feisty at times.

It has seen her in good stead during her life though, this feistiness, she was told she had breast cancer and to go home and "get her affairs in order". Hmmm, that was, let me see, about 20 YEARS AGO! She has outlived the surgeon.

But, is a bit of a p-a-I-n now, at times

My Dad is ever so patient. He is the epitome of patience.

Most of the time...

My Mum is very fond of doggy bags (taking home the food from a restaurant that you don't quite finish for those unfamiliar)

My Dad is very UN-fond on them

Sound like a bit of a dilemma? Yep.

My Mum likes to order a meal when out but rarely finishes it and then tries to cajole everyone into eating it. She gets quite stroppy that no one will and usually tells us we will one day be hungry and wish we had eaten the food when we had the chance. Sigh... Every outing is the same.

When the waiter comes they usually offer my Mum a doggy bag oblivious to the frown coming from my Dad. His fridge is usually full of doggy bags that don't get eaten but are not allowed to be thrown out.

So on this day I went to lunch with them, declined the kind offers of food from the other side of the table and imagined the day when I wish I would have eaten it. When it was time to go I put my napkin over Mum's container of leftovers. I whispered to Dad what I had done and he gave a little cheer! Mum did turn back and look at the table for such a long time but we both breathed a sigh of relief when she turned back, without the doggy bag.

So off to the car we went, chatting all the way, deciding what we would do next... Seat belts on, car started.


In the distance we could see a waiter, running towards us, with the forgotten doggy bag! Oh how my Dad and I laughed as my Mum profusely thanked the waiter.

We didn't thank him though

Must come up with a better plan for next time......

Ciao for now...

just Martha xxxx

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