Friday, 6 July 2012

2 Year Anniversary...


Well, this week marks the second anniversary of this blog Jelly Shane.

Gosh that time has gone so quickly? I guess it is a time to reflect, a time to ponder and a time to plan. What has life been like with blogging in it?

Let me see:
  • I began blogging because my posts were being stifled on Facebook. I kept having to reduce the words down, down, down to fit the word limit. It frustrated me no end because I had things to say. So Jelly Shane was born
  • The name Jelly Shane has been a nickname of mine all my life and was given to me by my Dad. 
  • I like to do this blogging a bit incognito and judging by the trouble some bloggers have had, it is not a bad idea to stick to. 
  • Blogging gives me an outlet to speak and to share words of wisdom. I am passionate about women being positive about themselves, taking time for themselves and seeing themselves for the wondrous beings they are. There is an epidemic of low self esteem in the world and it undermines all that can be attained by focusing on the unachievable. Why can society dictate how tall, thin, young, wrinkle free we should be?
  • I blog to sort my thoughts, to de-stress and to share.
  • The blogging world is full of amazing, motivating, clever, inspiring people 
  • Distance bears no impact as connections are made all over the word 
  • I have my favourite blogs I like to visit but is is also lovely to visit favourite blogger's favourite blogs. If you know what I mean
  • I love reading comments and seeing that list of followers steadily grow
  • I know short posts are easier for everyone to read but sometimes I have a lot to say
  • Sometimes I think my posts just ramble and not give this blog a specific direction to focus on but I guess that is the joy of being the author hey?

I think this occasion calls for a giveaway and Rachael from A Room For Everyone has kindly offered some gifts for you to win to mark this special time. If you haven't popped in to see Rachael, have a peek and here is a direct link to her gorgeous shop "gidgi'shop". Rachael's blog is one to follow and she is one of my favourites. So, here are two gorgeous products. A Green Gate Stonewear Utensil Jar in Fay White and a Green Gate Tea Towel in Garden White:
Green Gate tea Towel in Garden White

Green Gate Stonewear Utensil Jar in Fay White

Okay so here are the rules for the giveaway. Become a follower of Jelly Shane and leave a comment about why you blog or why you like to read blogs. If you are already a follower, just leave me your lovely comment. The giveaway will be drawn near the end of July.

Ciao for now...

just Martha


  1. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! I blog to connect with other like-minded ladies, to record memories, to share things that inspire me and to write down my thoughts. I can't imagine my life without blogging now, it's brought me so much. Rachael's blog is one of my favourites and her store is delightful. I'd love to be entered into your giveaway (am already a follower of yours) xx

  2. Oh Sweetheart! Bravo you. You must have started about a fortnight before I did ☺. I am so happy to have found you through blogging. As for me, well just this week I posted about why I love blogging at Like Amanda, I can't imagine my life without it.

    As for your divine giveaway, Rachael is a delight. And so is Greengate. *Sigh*. J x

  3. Congrats on your blog quickly it flies by. How generous of her blog too. I started blogging to connect with like minded be me and to take some time out from the world... wishing you a wonderful week X

  4. Congrats Martha! I am proud to say Ive been a follower here since your early days & truly love your posts, always so honest & you regularly give me a chuckle. Im not sure why I began blogging, I actually started out as an obsessed blog reader but I seriously enjoy the beautiful friendships I have made along the way as well as all of the incredible things Ive learnt. Ive taken alot from you about strength & acceptance of ones self & all the little funny foibles that make us who we are.
    Have a fantastic week & cheers to the next year of being a blog superstar!!!

  5. Congratulations! It's funny how fast two years can go. I love having a place to sort my thoughts too. And I love how you want to be a positive place for women - sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Have a great week!

  6. Congratulations Martha! I've been a follower for some time now and love to read your honest and sometimes very funny posts. I love to blog as it inspires me, it's my creative outlet, it's like window shopping without having to leave home,I'm hooked! Have a lovely week xx

  7. And aren't we lucky you DID start blogging! I love all the things you share : your wisdom, your style, your thoughts, your family !! I started to blog about craft, then of course the kids crept in - and now i blog on anything that moves me! My family and friends who are all interstate find it excellent so they can keep up with what we are up to. I blog because I get great enjoyment from it, I feel plugged into the grid through it, blogging helps me keep up on what's "in" in terms of design, craft and current schools of thought. Through blogging i have received such extra-ordinary support and love....Blogging has connected me with wonderful people that I actually call my friends even though I have not met them yet.xx


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