Tuesday, 3 July 2012



To say I spend much on beauty products is gross exaggeration. I have awful sensitive skin and have a cupboard f-u-l-l to the brim of potions and lotions unsuitable for my face. I have forked out a fortune on promises only to find a gorgeous red, blotchiness within 5 minutes.

Sigh, that is the way it is. Nivea is about the only product I can slap on to my heart's content. Nothing really nourishing in there though so as the years march on I see the effect in the mirror.

So, I decided to seek out yet another beautician but this one came highly recommended. I was up for the challenge and willing to take a chance.


So I settled onto the bed which was draped in white and red towels with nice little paper mats for head and feet. So far so good. Hygiene high on the priority. So with a promise NOT to make me look like a tomato, the beautician began. First I had a cleanse and an acid peel with cranberry something. Big thing for me but her explanation was kinder than a previous beautician who told me my skin was like burnt toast with the dead skin on top and the nutrients unable to get to my good skin. Funny how relaxing it is to be pampered isn't it? 

Okay, so far so good. Then came a wonderful warm wash with relaxing movements. My final product was something called Recovery Balm which was pressed on to my skin to rehydrate with some equally lovely eye cream.

So far so good. No tightness, not stinging. Maybe I was on to a winner. So I bought a pot of Recovery Balm and boot scooted home. I'm not sure what is in it but it feels very nourishing and smells divine, sort of yummy.

However, when I did get home the dog was very interested in me. Smelling me and trying to lick my face. For ages. Hmm, maybe not a winner after all if it attracts dogs.

Ciao for now....

just Martha

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  1. Ha, ha that is so funny. I know your plight...I suffer from sensitive skin too. Hoping your cream attracts more than the dogs ;-)... xx


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