Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Awkward Moment....

I'm hearing you Charlie Brown... (source)

This cleaning business can sure cause trouble. There was a little... situation today. I'm not sure which I should be more embarrassed about... Let me explain...

Okay, so I busy cleaning drawers, changing furniture around, being ruthless, ruthless, ruthless. Anything that is superfluous is getting chucked out. The rubbish bin is overflowing. I tend to clean something everyday. Makes you feel good doesn't it?

So I was chucking out face creams and potions from my bathroom. You may remember that I tend to be sensitive to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g so it is usual for me to have a mound of 'nearly new' products used only once. The creams aren't suitable for Miss T so I thought I would give some of them to my cleaner as she has older girls. I carried a pile down and this afternoon and Miss T was going through them. Here is the conversation:

Miss T:      "What are these?"

ME:           "Creams to give Lyn to see if she can use them"

Miss T:       (Opening the containers) "This one is empty?"

Me:            "Oh. thanks, I didn't check it. How embarrassing if I gave her an empty one"

Miss T:       (Picking up a bottle, smelling it, reading it, putting it straight down and staring ahead)

Me:             "What's the matter? Doesn't that one smell nice?"

Miss T:       (Awkward silence. Then), "It's Personal Lubricant"

Me:             "WHAT! I thought it was hand cream"

Miss T:       "Nope. It's Personal Lubricant. With a nice minty smell apparently"

Me:             "Oh. " (I really did think it was hand cream)

Okay, so which should I be more embarrassed about? My daughter smelling my, ahem, "Recreational Assistance Solution" or the fact that I was a mere 12 hour from giving it to the cleaner!!! (Might need to wear my glasses more...)

Ciao for now...



  1. Bwa ha ha ha ha, thats just to funny, I love it!!!
    the cleaner might have enjoyed it thoroughly, he he!!!

  2. OMG!!!!! That is just too funny!


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