Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Little "J" to Add Zshush...

Well, it is just us and the dog for a while now the Silver Fox has scooted off again. The dog has been waiting by the front door. Aaawww, she is so sweet. Poor Ginger, a few more sleeps yet pup until the Master is home.

I purchased a lovely little "J" the other day to zshush up my home in my family area.

Have a look:
Sea grass to add interest
My little family area
Close up of the sea grass. I love it!!

I have a girlfriend sleeping over on Friday night and we will go to breakfast on Saturday.

Nice huh?

Haven't had a slumber party for a while...

 Ciao for now...


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  1. A lovely vignette, the sea grass is very effective!!!


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