Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Now This Zigs My Zag!!.....

Okay, a change is needed. Spring has sprung here and a little decorative change is warranted. My decor is basic white: walls, skirtings, architraves... Plain maybe but I have has a lollypop house and a Mediterranean house and 7 years on I can simply change my soft furnishings to make a new look and feel happy. 

I had my eye on this:
Aura Inka in smoke...

Somehow a bit of  zigzag does it for me at the moment. However, I am still frugal and a realist. I had the opportunity to buy this set for $60 but hesitated too long and missed out. I was harassed by the "how many quilt covers does a girl need" sort of inner voice.


But. Still I wanted it.

So, when I came upon these sheets, a purchase was made. After a while. That voice was still talking to me but I chose to ignore it.
Stella Zigzag from Adairs
So, I threw it all together and it came out like this:
Clean, crisp, ziggy zag....

My bedroom with a pale blue, white and grey theme
I know, I should have ironed it. Not sure the front cushion goes anymore

My little owl collection is growing

The sheets are really nice to sleep in and bring me pleasure. Master T comes in in the morning for a 'huggle' but has to lie still and not ruckus my bed. (His bed always looks like he wrestled a tiger in the night).


What zigs your zag?

 Ciao for now...



  1. Loving the zig zag too at the moment. I think I need those sheets! You can't go wrong with all white I say, so much easier to change your accessories than live with a colour you have outgrown! xx

  2. I am obsessed with zig zag and have a fair bit of it in my store. I'm restraining myself in the house, though, otherwise it would just take over!!! Thanks for the tip on the Adairs sheets - they might be just the subtle touch that I need.


  3. I have that quilt cover. I wanted it so much I bit the bullet and paid full price *gag*. It was NOT $60!! Wish it hed been ;)

    Loving those sheets however and I need to stalk Adairs to see if I can get some!


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