Saturday, 27 October 2012

Getting Closer...

"See you soon"

It is nearly time for my Mum to go to respite and my Dad to have some time off, to relax, to rest, to recharge.

He needs it.

My Mum is kind of tricky. Sort of snitchy. She would not like herself at times.

So. The big decision was made to put her in respite at a wonderful place for a few weeks. It is probably the hardest decision my Dad has had to make, but my siblings and I are very supportive. 1000% supportive.

As I live the closest I am doing the planning, packing, labeling the clothing... whatever it takes to help my Dad with this decision. He is teetering on being indecisive. I gently support and encourage him with every little requirement. He is hesitating...

We won't let him. This is necessary for both of them.

I am doing .... THE DROP OFF!! Yikes! I hope it goes well. She can be pretty insightful at the most unexpected times. Hopefully this isn't one of them. I have banned my Dad from coming anywhere near on the day. More for his sanity really. She will be well taken care of. My little family will visit, do the washing etc.

She will be fine

I am just washing her clothes now. Adding a little calming lavender essential oil to her nighties and dressing gown. A little nursing trick to promote relaxation. Can't hurt really can it?

So think of us next week. We will all be forever changed but hopefully in a good way.

 Ciao for now...


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