Wednesday, 24 October 2012

just a Celebration...

It was my Mother's birthday last week and I had the Silver Fox' family staying Saturday night and put on a luncheon on Sunday for all the family including my brother and his family, and of course the birthday girl with my Dad. All together there we 14 people including 4 children and 3 dogs. My family is wonderful like that. We all get together to celebrate. The Silver Fox was missed as was my Sister and her family.

I decided to keep the food simple and made a lasagne with a simple green salad. My Dad made focaccia with olives and another with sun dried tomatoes. He is tricky like that.

For the birthday girl I decided to make a cake as a present. As you might remember my Mother hovers in the twilight world of dementia. I decided to hop in the trend bandwagon and make a gorgeous cake. Miss T helped me and used artistic license to ice it.

I used a simple butter cake recipe and made 3 batches but separated them into 4 cakes. The delicate pink graduated palette was separated by jam and cream, giving the cake a delicate strawberry flavour. The icing was made with butter and icing sugar and was kind of sickly sweet really. But, all in all it went down a treat. The cake was h-u-g-e! And even between 14 people there was still half left!
Any ideas on a different sort of icing?
ciao for now
just Martha xx
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  1. I made a cake like this earlier in the year for miss 5's birthday. I used butter icing too and it was very sweet. I don't know if cream in the layers would work better and just put the butter icing on the outside or maybe cream cheese icing as it is less sweet!
    popping over from POTM

  2. Looks amazing, great job!

    Living away from family now (In Tassie) I really miss family get togethers.


  3. what a fabulous cake - it looks so pretty, hope it tasted just as good. I'm sure your mother appreciated your lovely gift. xx (PoTMC)

  4. Oh that's a very beautiful cake! x

  5. Wow - its an edible sky scraper and you are a culinary architect! I've got a serious case of cake envy over here.


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