Monday, 12 November 2012

Brace Yourself...

Sorry to keep harping on but I found this whole " send your Mother to care" thing a trifle stressful.


I popped in to see my Mother today.

She looked....


Her hair was lovely, she was spotless...

She looked younger than I remember her. She is being very well taken care of.

Okay, okay her bags were still packed as she has no intention of staying but she was easily distracted, had done tai chi in the morning and was sitting eating dinner and entertaining her table. She introduced me like 5 times as her "darling daughter".... The staff l-o-v-e her.

I took some lovely orchids with a card from my Dad. She was... accepting that he had gone fishing. Unheard of in the past.

She was keen that I got back to my family and cooked them dinner.

It realized that I had braced myself for the worst but now feel such relief. Relief that it is all going so well and that she still has 2 1/2 weeks to go. Relief that I was able to report this to my family and that I could also hear them sigh with relief. My Dad included. He gets back tomorrow from his big trip away before he drives up to my brother's house for a long weekend. A nice relaxing time to just 'be'. Hang out with the family, do some cooking, read to the kiddies...

Then, it is my turn. I will try to get a bucket-load of chilli con carne out of him. Well, it is my job to give him stuff to keep him busy. It is my duty isn't it?

Thank you all for listening and your kind thoughts. Your support is very much appreciated!

ciao for now

just Martha xxx

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