Sunday, 18 November 2012

Senior Trip...

Master T and Ginger Sass

Master T is off in the morning for his Sydney/Canberra trip for 5 glorious fun filled action packed days.

He seems younger than his sister was when she went. Not sure why.

He is all packed and ready to go. I have double checked the quantities of the important things like socks and undies..... (Previous experience).

I have also reminded him to change his clothes and use soap to wash.

Maybe necessary, maybe not. Not taking any chances of him forgetting and saying " you didn't remind me"

It will be quiet without him. Having 1 child missing sort of changes the family dynamics a bit doesn't it?

I hope he has a great time and creates great memories.

We went to the Whitsunday's for my senior trip. By bus. At least Master T is flying. He has asked me not to plan anything for the weekend as he will be "too tired". I hope so. The sign of a great time.

ciao for now

just Martha. Xxx

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  1. Hi Martha! Hope Master T has a great time. My, hasn't he grown! That really is a super photo of the two of them, and I just adore that cute little dog. Hope all is well with you.

  2. What a fine looking boy. How old is he? I love the bit about the soap! xx

    1. Master T ( Tweenie) is 12 and in his last year of primary school.. It is pretty quiet here without him. I'm even doing the ironing!!!,

    2. I have a friend who has 5 adult (on a good day)boys. She once said she wouldn't change a thing about them except maybe if they could just have been a bit quieter!

  3. Gorgeous post, those memories are truly wonderful of school camps. So much fun. Yes the dynamics are unusually different. Nice different but weird different at the same time.


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