Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Last Days...

These are the last few days of the school holidays and we are squeezing in a quick trip to the Optometrist followed by some lunch at an old fashioned country restaurant. This bit was Master T's request.

This is the sort of restaurant that makes its own pastries and where the milkshakes are so big they come in a glass full to the brim and a silver milkshake cup on the side, half full.

This is the stuff memories are made of. The restaurant has been there for about 80 years, maybe more, and is well know for miles around.

It has made many memories and is continuing to do so. We took Miss T there after her first day of school. Tradition.

It's nice to have traditions isn't it? I wonder what sort of milkshakes the kids will order? My guess is good old fashioned chocolate and strawberry.

Ciao for now....

just Martha. xxx

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