Monday, 28 January 2013

Clean Up...

I have been like a woman possessed. Cleaning, tidying, chucking out.... A big BIG BIG spring clean. Nothing is safe. If it hasn't been used or the children have grown out of it....GONE.
Given away
Not sure why I am being so ruthless. Master T is just about to enter High School so perhaps it is time for his baby stuff to be either put away or recycled. Also, the pest man is coming and I like to have all the corners clean before so they don't need to be disturbed again for a little while.
The Silver Fox has already been to the rubbish tip once and there is another lot of stuff ready for him.
This weather is absolutely crazy. Such a land of extremes. We are currently house bound with severe winds and rain. No flooding as yet but our thoughts are with fellow Aussies who are directly in danger. No trips to the tip either for now so this pile will have to stay put for another few days at least.
We are all well here. Miss T is hideously low in iron so that is being addressed. I have the ingredients for another batch of spinach and ricotta filo pastries today. Good day to cook I think as long as we have power.

Here is the current view from my bedroom. Wet, windy, wild and woolly.

Trust all is well with you

Ciao for now

just Martha. Xxx

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  1. gOSH I hope you fare well with the crazy weather up north...I am just craving a clean up ! I think it is about having so many people in the house over the summer - with more on the way (ahhh)..Keep safe friend xxx


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