Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Supporting Community...

Some of the 25 or so gifts

I live in a wonderful community. We don't live in each other's pockets but certainly team up together when needed. One of our lovely friends is unwell and before you could say "jack robinson" there was a cooking roster, offers to do laundry and cleaning, offers of assistance with transport...
It brought a tear to my eye
In fact, an account has been set up for donation towards a cleaner and someone to do the laundry so my friend can know her kids are looked after and she can solely concentrate on her darling hubby. If she knows the house is tidy she can concentrate on what is important. It will mean she isn't stressed about something like "have the kids got enough school socks clean". Someone even gave her a gym membership to keep her mind clear as this will be a long haul.
I am on food duties and I did a special parcel of gifts to be open daily with the family. Some gifts are for the hubby but lots are for the family to. It is designed to get them laughing. And talking. Cancer is a very scary word no matter what age you are. I have done this sort of gift bag for family and friends who are recuperating from illness which can take a long time. Although flowers are nice, I think this sort of thing also works very well. Feel free to use these ideas for your loved ones.
First I shop at a cheapy shop and buy crazy pressies like glasses that light up, silly putty, jigsaws, bubbles, chalk for drawing on the footpath, chocolate (of course), solar-powered flower that dances, pencils and paper, washable tatoos, stick on moustache and beard..... See, crazy stuff.
I wrap them all and write crazy poems on them to temp and tease

These are glasses that look like Dame Edna's and light up

One of those solar powered flowers that dance in a pot

Moustache and a beard

A ball on a string...

See, tragic little poems but guaranteed to bring a smile and a laugh. I have serious stuff in there too like special lip gloss for dry lips, sugar free chewing gum guaranteed to get bowels moving (yep, bowels), notebooks to jot down thoughts etc. All presented in a nice draw string bag.
For the price of some nice flowers and a bit of a creative mind....

Give it a go.
 Ciao for now...

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  1. You have such a huge heart, Martha. Your friends are blessed to have you in their lives. J x


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