Saturday, 16 February 2013

Reject Run...

Hello beautiful people. I've been trawling shops and the universe for ceramic stool to add to my new little outside area as side tables. I've been looking here and there with the average price ranging between $160-$179.


Imaging my delight when I came across this catalogue!!!

There it was:

Ceramic stools....



$40 each

I rang the shop to hold two for me

I got in my car and v-r-r-o-o-o-o-m-m-m...

THEY ARE MINE!!! Bwahahahaha...

2 black ones. Picture to follow of it all set up because bit of a rainy dull day here.

Sort of blows my "Frugal February" theme though doesn't it?

However, I bought a bag in January that needs returning as the leather colour is patchy.


The bag was $80. The stools were $80 together. So, it sort of cancels each other out

Doesn't it?

That's my theory so I am sticking to it.

 Ciao for now...



  1. Gotta love the reject shop!! I remember having a ball in their when I was shopping for Xmas decorations!

  2. I was thinking about getting a couple of white ones, they are a steal!!!

  3. Snap!!! Me too, I got red though and sadly only one ! But I got one!


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