Friday, 15 February 2013

Zig My Zag...

I am a bit addicted to zig zags at the moment especially since my heavenly sheets came into my life. I don't know about you but that four letter word S-A-L-E gets me every time and I was in a bit of a rush as "Frugal February" was fast approaching.

It all started because I moved a chair and, well, needed new cushions to complete my decorating. As you do.

The chair is to the right of this picture in our entry...
The zigzags compliment the wavy waves...

 So, I bought these lovely cushions from Adairs (online) for the entry. I would have snapped up red ones too but alas they only came in a sort of burgundy. I did find some red stripped ones at Pillow Talk (on line) but an still a bit "eh eh" about them. Below shows a pic of the cushion I had before and my new stripy one.
Zig Zag (and model)

 Looks a bit bare here but I do have two cushions. I like things clean and sleek. I also got 2 outdoor chairs for my birthday so thought I would tie the outdoor area with the indoor by adding, you guessed it, more zig zags. Now I also r-e-a-l-l-y like these ones but alas, no red. I don't m-i-n-d these red ones but think I like a wider zig zag. However, best suck it up because didn't have to buy them (even if they were on sale). The black ones came from Adairs too.
Black and linen on black. Looking nice and sleek
I don't leave the outdoor cushions on the outsode chair because of:
  • Rain
  • Birds
  • Nameless pup who believes she makes a great accessory.

Oh, speak of the devil...
She thinks her collar compliments the lounge and sets the cushion off very nicely. Hard work this!

 Ciao for now...


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