Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I am sitting here quietly, waiting, the dog by my side, my cup of chai tea warming my hands. The Silver Fox is due back any minute from a meeting and the Teenies will burst through the door in approximately 32 minutes. This is the calm before the storm. Ideally I should make lunches, get dinner started, walk the dog. Should. But I am enjoying the peace and quiet after a busy day.

I look around and see chores needing to be done. I will get to them but not just yet. It was Master T's first guitar lesson so I am interested to hear how negotiating 2 buses went with the guitar and silently hoping that he can leave it at home and just use the one from the school. I used to learn the clarinet and always dreamed of learning the flute because it would have fit so much better in my school bag. A guitar will definitely not.

My pooch is sleeping beside me even though she has probably slept all day. She looks content though now that someone is home. She looks relaxed. Watching her is relaxing too, her calmness is catchy.
I like quiet moments like these. I like my own company. It is rare to consciously take some time out but very good for the soul. I can highly recommend it.

I hear a key in the lock and the dog barks. We have told her before that burglars don't use keys, family do but she takes no notice...

Have a lovely afternoon

Ciao for now

just Martha xxx
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  1. Love the tea inscription and you enjoying your moment.



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