Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weekend T'Was..

Caramel Tarts
Well, the clocks have turned back here and I do feel that I have crammed more into my day even though it was just one hour longer! The Silver Fox scooted off early with Master T to pick up a bike. I took this opportunity to hang in bed a little while longer before taking the pooch for a leisurely walk on the beach. I went to a bush dance fund raiser last night and danced like a Drongo, Stripped the Willow and did a little Doe-See-Doe-ing! Sound painful? Naaah, good fun actually! They had a Bucking Bull which was quite a hoot to watch too. Good clean fun!!

Today was also a time to get the whip out and, ahem, "help" Master T with a long overdue project. I never, ever, do the projects but make my children write the information out first and we discuss it, check grammar and spelling and punctuation l-o-n-g before they actually get to write it up on the computer. My children usually go insane when I do this as all they want to do is cut and paste and be done with it. No, no, no!! With me it is the old fashioned way so I need LOTS of patience so both of us don't lose our minds. I might occasionally point out that this is their homework though that I have already successfully completed their grade! Just saying...

Not a fun way to spend the afternoon but today Master T has risen to the challenge and is currently out riding on his new bike with his Dad. I am just mustering the energy to fold the washing, make lunches for school and make dinner. You know how it is.

The Silver Fox is in trouble because he drove past  our favourite pie shop on his way home from purchasing the bike, and DIDN'T stop in to get the traditional caramel tart with cream that we have once in a blue moon when we actually pass this particular pie shop. He said he forgot but he did also know he would be in trouble. It doesn't matter what health kick I am on, a caramel tart from Yatala Pie's is compulsory!

Do you have a busy week ahead? I think I do. We need to decide if we watch The Voice or not because it does become quite a commitment doesn't it? We are still at lose ends after The Block so I hesitate to replace that with another long running series. My sister and her family went to a Blind Audition taping though and she said it was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!!

Those burritos won't make themselves so....

Ciao for now...


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  1. Yum, caramel tart!! Unforgivable Mr Fox! Yes- as you saw busy busy busy week!!!
    I need to get off my butt!

    Have a good week - isn't it sad we say good bye to daylight saving?


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