Friday, 5 April 2013

Health and Teaching...


You may know that I educate people regarding their health and I take a variety of approaches depending on the person. With most men I go through their blood test results to show 'proof' if you like of their health in glorious black and white. Sometimes it is a necessary angle to use to increase awareness regarding health.

Sometimes I use velvet gloves and start with the absolute basics as my client might have used all their courage just to come to see me. Health can be very confronting and too often past experiences have involved being told what they "should" have done. I choose not to use this tact but rather find out what is most important to that person, what worries them the most, and start from there.

Sometimes the road to good health can be likened to standing at the base of a huge mountain and having neither the energy nor the stamina to climb, to make so many changes in the daily life of chaos.

I see health as making little tiny changes that the person nominates they are able to achieve. They maybe small but they are a place to start, achievement builds confidence and leads to other changes which in turn leads to more. With support. I see some people for 15 minutes weekly and others I see every two weeks or so until they have confidence. I also focus on education so people understand w-h-y they need to do something. Adults are like that, it has to be meaningful.

I am also wise. These sessions are not for idle chitchat so if there are self sabotaging issues I will direct someone for counseling as it is not knowledge blocking behaviour, but attitude. I work closely within a multidisciplinary team to make my clients feel heard and supported and important.

I love my job. I love to see the proverbial light bulb go off when understanding is achieved. I love empowering people to be responsible for their own health. I have tissues at hand because health can be quite emotional and overwhelming, especially when someone is willing to listen.

I got great advice years ago from a fabulous workshop I attended so if interested, have a peek here. Health is something people can take for granted but it is something that cannot be bought and there are many people living with "if only"s in life. I don't see well people, I only see people on the slippery slope to ill health.

I meet a wonderful variety of people and can definitely say that no two days are the same or that my work is dull. Nope, never dull. These are some things I have learned over the years....
  • How to hold a dagger properly if I want to "slip it under someone's ribs"
  • How to grow marijuana naturally and why the hydroponic stuff is "no good"
  • That using a certain piece of equipment is quite like cocking a rifle
  • People generally only wash their sore foot and because I check both feet, that is how I know
  • Never eat sweets from an open bag, only from a bag I open myself. Never
What do you love about your every day?

 Ciao for now...


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  1. WOW Martha, what an interesting & rewarding job, i used to work a sa personal trainer & nutritionist so I fully understand what your talking about.
    My mum has recently been diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy so she is going thru this very process with wonderful people like yourself. Its been a huge life change for her, but she has grabbed it with both hands & learning everything she can, Im very proud of her!!


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