Thursday, 4 April 2013

Would You Live To Be 100?

Hmmm. I saw this on a sign outside of a health food shop. It got me thinking. I'm sure the point was about taking a supplement to live a strong, long and healthy life but I have never thought about how long before.

Have you? Well, if you had a say in it?

For me, that would be over 50 years from now! Wow!

Lets say you had good health, I wonder what changes there would be in the world? If technology is advancing now at such a fast pace, what can we expect to consider as normal everyday stuff?

Imagine if...

We had time travel. I'm hanging out for this. Of even just getting from a to b Star Trek style. Yup! I would definitely be I that

We drove I the sky, using air. No pollution

Healthcare was easy. Just a zap here and there, good as new.

Makes you think though doesn't it?

Hopefully we get our act together saving the planet, saving the animals and maybe ending poverty and hunger. Surely by then. Surely?

Ciao for now

just Martha xx

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