Tuesday, 28 May 2013

just Chalk and Cheese...

This whole high school business is a whole new game now that Master T is there. It has made me appreciate his self directed, self disciplined, goal-striving sister ++++. I don't directly compare him to his sister of course but, sheesh, I've had it easy.

Not so with Master T who is kind of.... how shall we say?..... less than motivated by striving to do one's best. He seems to have a less than firm grasp on assignments, deadlines and direction. Not sure if this was always him or if this is merely a settling in period for high school and soon the kinks will all work themselves out. When he received "0" for not handing something in, his response is.. "what assignment, nobody told me?"

Chalk and cheese my two children

It is exam time 

 I am getting involved.

I supervise his study and  have encouraged him to make his own timetable. I am conscious of assisting him to learn using tactile, visual and auditory ways. He is less than keen but I persevere and we do get there. Eventually. I will NEVER do his work but take the time to show him the way. So far I have earmarked him for a career in law as heavens, can that boy argue logically!!! I think he should join the debating team after this!!

His school learns on computers and I think for him, this is a big part of the problem. I don't think it encourages all learners to seek the information in a logical way when all they need to do is goggle a word and hey presto, they don't need to read all those chapters! I make him read those chapters which makes me mighty unpopular but we discuss the content in a hope of making it logical for him and enable him to think a little more laterally, thus increasing his problem solving capacity. I make him write out stuff and then write it out again!! And I make him correct the spelling. Evil I know!!

He has 5 years of this so I am determined to take this time to set him up with good studying skills now to pave the way for the future when the work gets increasingly difficult.

What I don't know is how to give him the passion for learning

Any ideas?

Ciao for now...


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