Monday, 20 May 2013

just Melbourne...

Well, the Silver Fox and I planned a Melbourne adventure. Up at 4.30am to get ready, woofed down a quick breaky and we were off. A text at the airport to the kiddies as a goodbye while quietly insuring that they were up and getting ready for school. Lists of instructions were left for them and Grandpa so all could run smoothly. We left a very forlorn dog sitting at the front door with a 'what the' expression. However, she is totally in love with Grandpa so we knew they would be fine.

We headed down with two sets of neighbours and this was the end result of a Christmas discussion. I am quite surprised it happened but we were very excited as we had never been to Melbourne despite it always belong our desire to go. The Silver Fox and I celebrated our 23 rd wedding anniversary while we were there. How lovely. I warned him that if my hair behaved and defrizzes in the first hour to hang like a curtain of satin down my back, then we are moving there. 

Just saying.

We had a lovely apartment for 6 at Southbank and quickly mastered the most efficient public transport known to man. The Silver Fox and I explored and looked and enjoyed every minute of it, The highlight for me was dinner at Lygon St at an Italian restaurant with a table on the street watching people walk by eating gelati in the cold, looking cold.

It was c-h-i-l-l-y. But somehow it was all fine because life is geared towards coping with the cold. I checked my coat in to Cloakrooms like nobodies business simply because I could! I was hoping to catch up with a blogging friend but alas on this occasion it was not to be. Never mind.

Here are some photos from our lovely getaway:

The gorgeous Yarra

Flinders Street Station with a gorgeous tram

China Town

Yum Cha in China Town

Us at St Kilda
Antipasta from Queen Victoria's market
Funky bar
Queen Victoria Market - Soooo heavenly
Afternoon shadows over the gallery

Went and saw this. after all, it is THE Monet

Moving art in the foyer of the NGV

Reindeer made from glass spheres at the NGV
Amazing restaurant in Lygon Street. I had chilli prawn risotto - to die for!!
Fitzroy architechture

Autumn at its best in Fitzroy

Cheesecake from a 100 year old Polish recipe

I would highly recommend Melbourne to anyone to visit is it was so friendly and a delight at every look

ciao for now

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  1. Oh I am do disappointed that we couldn't catch up !!! DOn't worry we will one day soon!
    Great pics of this fair city, glad you had fun.


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