Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day...

The house is quiet at present save the dryer and the washing machine. The family have gone to do the grocery shopping and I have just come back from a walk on the beach with my faithful companion. We had to rush in the end as it has just started raining and as I had my hair straightened yesterday, I hope to be frizz-free for slightly more than 24 hours.
I spent some time with my Mum yesterday and took her to a friend's place for afternoon tea. Mum has been in care now for nearly 6 months, has lost 16 kg and is more active than she has ever been in years. She looks 1000% better than ever and is a joy to take out. Conversation is a little repetitive and apparently I have grown but it is such a joy to spend time with her now she is calm from having a strict routine. I feel so less stressed in general since she has been in care, knowing both her and Dad's health and future has improved.
My Dad has also lost weight and is doing things that he has been unable to do in years like swim and walk every day. Such is life when you were caring for someone with dementia. He looks and sounds so much better and is able to spend quality time with each of is children and their families. It is very lovely. He and I go out to dinner weekly and generally hang out
Today my family will do the shopping and washing, make lunches and I get to choose what we do as a family. Sounds pretty good to me. My brother is taking Mum out for the day with his family.
To all the Mummies out there - hope you have a lovely day with your family.
ciao for now
just Martha xx
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