Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Teenage Negotiations...

"11 Good Reasons To Get My Helix Pierced"
 Miss T is keen to get another piercing in her ear like some of her friends whose parents are a tad more "relaxed than us" apparently. The Silver Fox lost his mind when she suggested it. God love him. She did remind him that according to him, he "pierced his own ear with a needle when he was 13". Aaah, the joy of sharing with your children and their wonderful memories.

Me? Was I horrified? Did I put my foot down?

Well, no...

You see, I think I can make this work to my advantage by negotiating other issues.

An opportunist? Yep, maybe.

I just think that perhaps I need to choose my battles and fight the big ones. Maybe this isn't a big one. after all, it is just an earring.


I asked Miss T to write out her reasons, as above. Some of them are quite creative, especially the one about her paying for it unless we want to. Also, she has spent time finding out about the hygiene issues. I guess my discussion about tattooing and the increase in Hepatitis C has really paid off! The bottom of the note has a diagram and there are a few kisses too. I love the bit about it not being "trashy"and that she will look after it to maintain "hygiene" Awww, my germ warfare training has sunk in!

Also, she has been hounding us to change schools (for social reasons rather than bullying or academia although apparently the school her friends go to has surfing... such a drawcard!).

So, what if I say she can have the earring but that we wish to hear no more about her changing schools?

Could be a win win situation couldn't it?

I guess I will need to negotiate with the Silver Fox

I wonder what I have to negotiate with for him?

I'm sure he will think of something...

 Ciao for now...


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