Friday, 21 June 2013

Fruit Salad...

I just put a book back into Master T's school bag and what did I find???

5 apples, 2 mandarins and 2 slices of capsicum!!!! All rolling around the bottom of his bag.

I had just finished making arrangements with both children to pick them up after school and drop into the local old--style cafe for a milkshake and cake before going to purchase 2 pairs of much needed school tracksuit pants.

How can I buy treat food when a certain Master T won't eat his everyday food? His healthy food?

His answer when I asked him? "You give me way too much"

"I give you 2 pieces per day"

If he was clever he would just throw them away and I would be none the wiser. He needs to get a bit more street smart. I used to escape from home when I was 5 and leave the door agar just a little so my Mum wouldn't hear the "click". I would them run a block to my Granny's house and say "I've come for lunch". She would ask if my Mum knew and I would always say yes. After sitting me down to some tomato soup she would them ring and say I was there. I remember she had the most glorious crockery with divine soup bowls.

Anyhow, I digress

Now that means no treat this afternoon on principle

Consequences my friend. Consequences. Guess he needs to learn the hard way.

ciao for now

just Martha xxx
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