Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sleeping In...

I l-o-v-e the weekends. Saturday is a day busy with chores, exercise, family and breakfast with friends. Sunday is a sleep in, sometimes until 9am, then usually a walk with the pooch. Family day. I love it. The Teenies don't, they would rather be on computers or with their friends but I stand firm. No computers, just us. Together. Hopefully they will appreciate these days one day. One day

On Saturday I usually take my Mum out from the nursing home for a few hours. She has been there 6 months now and is some 16 kg lighter. She looks good. She enjoys where she is and has some lovely friends. She still remembers me because I see her so regularly. My Dad doesn't see her because she is a tad snitchy with him and introduces him as "this is Peter the b*st$#d". More than a tad snitchy really. Breaks his heart and unsettles her for quite a period of time after. Sad business this dementia. It steals so much from families. My brother also gets a run for his money, probably because he looks like my Dad.

On Saturday night when The Silver Fox and Master T are out bike riding, I take My Dad out to dinner. We try different restaurants each time. I need to time it right to drop Miss T off at work and pick her up but usually it works out just fine. Dad and I get lots of "looks" at times as I'm sure people think we are a couple. We can tell with the long up and down looks and the whispers. How presumptuous! We just ignore them. My poor Dad is still wracked with guilt about my Mum and is also terribly lonely too. He is in the process of selling his 3 bedroom unit and moving in to a sort of retirement village. My sister and brother and I are coming to him next week to sort out clothes, furniture, do charity-drops and tip- runs. We will probably all go to dinner as the 4 of us. I can't wait.

So for me weekends are precious, surrounded by family

What do you love about weekends?

ciao for now

just Martha xxx
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  1. Bravo, for insisting on a family day with no electronics.

    You are doing a lovely job caring for both of your parents.


    ps. I finally posted about our daughters wedding.


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