Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tidy Tidy Time...


The Silver Fox is away and for some reason this spurs me into action to clean, tidy, fix, move and rearrange.

Nothing is safe. I have sugar soaped walls, cleaned bathroom cupboards, sorted linen, fixed photo frames. Even the washing and ironing is up to date!

Nothing is safe.

I have threatened the Teenagers with death should they leave dirty dishes lying around. That they need to pick up after themselves and keep their rooms c-l-e-a-n. A foreign concept to Master T apparently.

Nag, nag, nag

I'm not sure why? I think taking 1 person out of the everyday mix changes the dynamics of things. I feel the responsibility of being in charge.

I am sleeping better though compared to when the Silver Fox usually goes away. I speak to him nightly to catch each other up.

I appreciate the tidy bug though. I think it de-clutters my house and mind and organizes both. Not a bad thing really.

Tonight after I take Miss T to work I will sort my wardrobe, sugar soap the walls and take my cast offs to a charity shop before I can sneak items back to the 'maybe one day' part of my wardrobe.

So, it is tidy tidy time here. Then what I wonder?

ciao for now
just Martha xx
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  1. feeling EXACTLY the same way - Mr G is in Korea for 2 weeks. I am making the same threats and feeling uncontrollable urges to declutter.
    This weekend I am hitting the craft room and showing no mercy! Sugar soaping walls sounds an excellent idea!

    1. Korea! Wow. We have even swapped the Teenies bedrooms around and that took some effort. Just waiting to pick the Silver Dox up now as he is home for the weekend! Yay!


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