Saturday, 10 August 2013

Teenage Wisdom...

Ahh, spending time with Master T and his take on the world can be.... rather..... refreshing....

Our discussion?


Now, Master T want a big shiny new computer with which to game. ( yeh, like that will EVER happen)

But, his beef is that he doesn't get paid for his chores

I pointed out that he doesn't actually do his chores. So, this could be a factor in his lack of monetary rewards.

For example, he has been known to leave a trail of destruction in the kitchen: dishes, noodle wrappers, colander, cutlery.... A veritable time line of chaos.

My take is that he doesn't get paid for chores he hasn't done
His take is that I see the mess so I should just clean it up rather than nag, nag, nag and pay him his pocket money anyway. Apparently.


His friend gets paid $30 for emptying the dishwasher and gets $20 per day for tuckshop.


I o-n-l-y pay him a measly $13 pocket money per week of which he has to save half so it is not really worth doing any chores anyway because it will take forever to save

He truly believes I am lazy by not tidying up the mess when I see it. It is also his job to take out the rubbish but if he happens to drop any beside the rubbish bin. I should pick it up rather than come inside to tell him as I was there so should have done it.

I do tell him that if I do that then he won't be actually doing his chores properly and thus doesn't get paid. I also point out that nobody pays me to do jobs but apparently that is the joy of being a Mother. I also point out that as a Mother it is my job to teach him to be a fully functional human being and that he was not always going to have his Mummy tidying up after him.

Sometimes he does do his chores, and even extra but it usually only lasts for 1 day so I point out that he needs to be more consistent and good behaviour needs to be continually. He's not buying it.

So we are currently at a Mexican standoff. He wants money and I want chores done.

Not brain surgery is it?

Aah, got to love them

Ciao for now

just Martha. xx

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  1. I can't believe that some kids gets given $20 a day for tuckshop!
    We are pretty strict about helping out and there is limited pocket money as such, but cetainly people get good rewards like new Vans or a new game or ITUNES cards etc.... But I won't pretend we don't have to nag!


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