Thursday, 12 September 2013

just Encouragement...

Life gets so busy doesn't it. It takes skill and timing to keep juggling all those balls in the air. Maybe the kids are getting weary as school holidays are fast approaching. I find them, how would you say? Lackadaisical ( hmm, doesn't look like it is spelled right)

Opportunities are being missed

Motivation is reducing

As a parent I find I am constantly trying to be supportive and give opportunities that perhaps I never had.


Some of us are not really enthused about such opportunities and perhaps are looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Maybe I was the same when I was young. My parents paid for gymnastic and I was quite okay at it. But there came a time when I simply could not be bothered going. Pity. I asked my Mum years later why she didn't just make me. She just aided one eyebrow.

I have a similar look today. However, I make deals with my children that if they want to do something they need to complete it for the specified period of time. For example, Miss T wanted to learn the guitar and as she does music, it was highly recommended to learn an instrument. She is quite a natural.
But. At present she can't be bothered going to lessons in school time. "I forgot".

My solution? I charge her double the fee should she not go.

So far this form of encouragement seems to be working as she understands the value of money

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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