Thursday, 5 September 2013

just Goal Setting...

When Master T was younger and we asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would say with a serious face "I want to change my name to Scotty Prince( football player), sit on the couch all day drinking coke".

He was dead serious

Hmmm, always an interesting child

As the years went on and his goal never changed, I asked him more questions.

"Whose couch is it?"

"Oh, mine"

"Where do you live?" This was getting a little more hopeful

"Oh, in my unit"

"How did you buy the couch?"

"I work". Oh, I'm liking this more and more

"What do you do?"

"I'm a carpenter and I have a ute and I come over for dinner and bring my girlfriend"
Well, well, well. Sometimes things aren't as they seem.

"When I have kids I'm going to let them drink coke AND have a computer in their room", he said.

"Write it down son, write it all down"

I never did get to the bottom of why he wants to change his name to Scotty Prince.

ciao for now

just Martha xx
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  1. lol !!! Aren't they funny with their aspirations as litlies. One of mine was always going to be a drover!! He is now a farmer. The next one was going to be a fireman - he is now a farmer. Number 4 was going to go into the defence forces and then become a PE teacher - he is the new dad in the family, completed studies in the wine industry;number 5 didn't have any great aspirations - just wanted to be able to finish Year 12 - which he did and now he works on the farm and a full time job in a feed mill. My daughter was going to be anything that would get a rise out of me!! She is now a mum and one of my best friends.
    What did you little fellow eventually become??

    1. He is 13 and currently being a 'beastie' but hopefully will grow out of that! He still isn't sure but is gradually getting that competitive streak. He is is his first year of high school and has thankfully become more organised as the year has progressed.

  2. Love it !! Kid #1 aged 4 wanted to go to South America and catch an armadillo, whilst kid #2 wanted to watch movies all day and eat lollies and kid #3 wanted to be a care bear.

    Kid #1 now wants to be a vet
    kid# 2 wants to make movies and is still partial to eating lollies all day
    Kid #3 wants to be a surgical nurse and hold a beating human heart in her hand!!!!! (I know I know, I told her the real deal about surgical nursing!)

    The evolution of plans! Priceless!

  3. Care bear huh? Aren't they funny!

  4. Martha thats classic, when my son was 3 he wanted to be able to drink beer, have lots of keys & go to the work shop with dad so he could say "Eff iT!" with the boys. His father had an electrical contracting business with 5 employees who swore at the workshop. He is now turning 11 & would like to be a computer game designer, wonder what his next plan will be!!!

    1. Love it!! What's with the keys I wonder. Deep little fellows. Mine wants to be a game designer at the moment and states his top 3 priorities are: 1. getting good grades (trying to psych me out i think), 2. getting a $2500 computer for Christmas (yeah r-i-g-h-t) and 3. getting sponsored for gaming. Hmm, recurrent theme here. Too much time on the computer! LOL


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