Saturday, 5 October 2013

Dog Gone It...

Was chatting with a girl this morning who was telling me that there were 2 attempted dog nappings in her street during the week. One at 2 am in the morning where the dog was being stolen from the backyard but created such a ruckus that the owners woke up. That was an American Bulldog. The other was a Labrador who ended up getting a big slash across her back and was found on the street bleeding and shaking.

Goodness me.

But, it turns out the girl I was talking to is the new tenant in a house down the street. MY STREET! So all this action was happening 2 doors from my home. The neighbours had noticed marks on their fences which they now realize was a sort of code to say their was a suitable dog living there.

Dog fights, crime, gangs......

What the? We live in a sleepy little town with one traffic light.

What about my puppy? We keep her inside at night but is that enough?

She is part of our family!

Ciao for now...


  1. How stable is this girl? Is this really true? Is your dog involved in circulating this story as an elaborate ruse to get inside sleeping rights ?
    Lock up the dog - he will just HATE that! ROFL!

  2. I know the people with the Bulldog. My dog has taken over the house by fluttering her eyelashes and overt stealth. She sleeps on the bed (how did that happen?) I am a mere pawn in her quest to take over the ? World. What more could she want: food, walks, treated like a princess? These Cavoodles are trained professionals.


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