Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Going, Going, Gone...

Well, that time with the Silver Fox went so quickly! He is away now of the the next 20 weeks although should be back for the weekend every 3 weeks. We will see. Have heard that before.

We had a lovely time. We managed a few dates together and did loads of chores like:
*Hedging the garden
*Putting bark on the garden
*Having the house painted
*Doing odd jobs with a drill
*Clearing a blocked sink
*Changing my rear brakes
*Sorting out the TV
*Realigning a blind
*Helping my Dad to move
*Many trips to the tip

As well as the usual cooking, cleaning, shopping and playing. We managed to only swim at the beach once but took the pooch for a few walks.

Our dates deteriorated in the end due to time and chores and ended up with a trip to the tip and Subway. He is a classy guy.

He left today at the ungodly hour of 3am. He got a lift to the airport which is over an hour away. He has not long rung to say the accommodation is rather dodgy. Pity for him.

So, it is just the kids and I and the dog. My Dad is standing a few days until his new unit is ready. He cooked dinner tonight. Good old fashioned shepherd's pie. Yum! Thanks Dad

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. Ah ... 20 weeks is such a long time. I will be thinking of you and praying.

    Shepherds Pie ... yum.


  2. I know that feeling....that gut wrenching moment as they disappear from view as you wave goodbye and you turn back into your home and it is now real. You are on your own for a protracted period of time. But 20 weeks. 20 weeks is huge. A little mind trick I use to cope is to think of those single mums (those women you meet who raise kids, work and pay off a mortgage on their own and yep they are out there), or how young widows in the past coped with families coped own their own. And then I think, yeah, I have that "right stuff too!". It helps me get on for the most part. I also buy myself some nice homewares or accessories (heh heh heh) - well a girl needs cheering up doesn't she!

    I hope it goes fast....thinking of you lovely!


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